- Smoking meats recipes. See what on the Traeger Texas smoker grill. How to smoke beef, poultry, pork, seafood etc. hickory mesquite apple pecan cherry oak alder maple hard wood cooking outdoors for the best barbeque Tacoma Washington WA - Orange Chicken and Garlic Potatoes cooked over a oak wood fire on the Scottsdale Santa Maria Style grill. - Zesty Italian Onion Burgers, BBQ cooked over a real oak wood fire on the Scottsdale Santa Maria style grill. - Kentucky Bourbon Glazed Wings slow cooked with Oak pellets on the Yoder YS640 Smoker / Grill. - Smoking meats recipes. See what on the Traeger Texas smoker grill. How to smoke beef, poultry, pork, seafood etc. hickory mesquite apple pecan cherry oak alder maple hard wood cooking outdoors for the best barbeque Tacoma Washington WA - Smoking meats recipes. See what on the Traeger Texas smoker grill. How to smoke beef, poultry, pork, seafood etc. hickory mesquite apple pecan cherry oak alder maple hard wood cooking outdoors for the best barbeque Tacoma Washington WA - Dutch Oven cooked Arroz Con Polo cooked on the Scottsdale Santa Maria style wood grill by Arizona BBQ Outfitters.
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Currently Accepting donations in support of our troop. I'm sending Smoked Meats to Kandahar Afghanistan as a moral booster for our troops. Read More. All donations will go to sending quality smoked meats to our troops. Those who donate I'm sure will get a rebound of good Karma.

Thank You. 

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Turkey - Smoke Times & Tips!

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Try my new Signature Burger!
The Seared Tatonka Dust Seasoned Buffalo Burger - Seared Tatonka Dust coated Buffalo Burgers  - Yoder YS640 cooked BBQ recipes & smoking meat tips and techniques. The money shot!
BBQ recipe videos are now available on ITunes, Zune, Blackberry, Roku & Boxee set top streaming media boxes.

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We have 2 September 2013 winners!

Thanks to Todd Johnson @ A-MAZE-N Products LLC we have increased the drawing. I will now be giving away the an A-MAZE-N-Tube-Smoker (cold smoke generator and one pound of Mad Hunky Meats rub or brine. With this cold smoker you will produce killer smoked cheeses etc. Read More - Smoking Meats recipes and video. How to smoke meats, fish poultry and pork. Barbecue BBQ recipe list and smoker information Traeger Texas grills.

Smoke it and they will come! - BBQ, Grilling, Smoking on Yoder YS640, Wichita and the Scottsdale by Arizona BBQ Outfitters.Great BBQ & Grilling Recipes with step by step instructions and instructional videos in HD. Smoking & Grilling information, tips and techniques. Within this site, all barbecue, grilling and Santa Maria Style (Argentine) recipes are planned and executed  for maximum flavor, texture and all are very easy to follow. My BBQ recipes contain step by step text guidance, multiple photos and HD instructions throughout the cook. All aspects of the cook will be easily understood and replicable. I truly hope you enjoy my diverse and detailed selection of BBQ recipes.

Outdoor Cooking at it's best! 
139 - Multi-Media Outdoor
Cooking Recipes in HD Video.

Offset Wood Smoker Cooks
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Now cooking on Cast Iron!
Wok, Skillet, Griddle and Dutch Oven cooking.

NEW! - Motor City BBQ Sauces... My favorite BBQ Sauce!

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We raised over $2,000 and sent it all in beef Jerky and pepperoni to troops in Afghanistan.

I have expanding BBQ recipes and cooking styles to include Santa Maria Style Cooking. Recipes & Video beginning in March. With this I'd like to introduce my new sponsor.

The Scottsdale Santa Maria style wood fired pit.


 Check out the progress and find out what I think and what I run into during the seasoning and then the cooking on this new pit.
Full Review - Seasoning Video

Tatonka Dust

My #1 choice for beef.

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It's here folks!

 Mad Hunky "Hot Ass Whang" Rub!
You seen the first review here. This was the 1st and only sample released to the public as of the date of this review. The product will soon be available but is not at this time. This is an amazing rub to say the least.

Full review & Video

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UMAi dry aged steak bags review. Dry age your own steaks!

UMAi Dry Aged Steaks Review
This is one of my favorite BBQ recipes. Dry aged beef rocks! Watch as I take you through the process of dry aging Strip Loin steaks for 30 days. The results are equivalent texture and flavor of high end steak houses.

The best bang for your buck in BBQ!


We have two drawing winner! See who won See who won! Drawing information.  More 
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Delicious Pork Ribs in HD Video  - Smoking met recipes and video.  Great Barbeque & Smoking Grilling &  Barbecue Recipes. How to BBQ Barbeque- Smoke meat tips, techniques and video. Smoker information. Traeger Texas Tacoma WA WashingtonWelcome! You have found your way to my Smoking meats, BBQ recipe and outdoor cooking site. I'm Rob Green of Tacoma Washington and have put together a multi media rich site aimed at sharing barbecue recipes, tips and techniques. There are many sites providing BBQ recipe information but this site is designed to bring smoking meats,  grilling, Cast iron cooking and barbecue techniques and other recipes to you in high quality videos. Each video is shot in HD and shows each smoke from start to finish. The content of this site will be an ever growing multimedia library of all my smoking meat recipes, BBQ recipes and grilling recipes. This site also contains smoking and grilling tips, techniques, information and fun related YouTube streaming content. Here all the smoking meats and grilling is done low and slow over wood or wood pellet fire. The cookers used in my BBQ videos are a Yoder YS640 Pellet cooker, Yoder Wichita Offset stick burner and a Arizona BBQ Outfitters Scottsdale Santa Maria style wood pit.  This site offer in-depth information on recipes, tips, techniques and video to help you expand your cooking experience. For the most part, the information is universal and can be used for any smoker or grill. The smoking meat recipe videos supporting this sites recipe pages are produced and property of  All barbecue & smoking meat recipes have ingredients, instructions and a how to video to give you details on how to prepare, and smoke meats. Take smoking meats and BBQ to the next level. Navigating this site is simple, just click the recipes link in the main menu. Scroll through the list of smoking meats recipes. Find the recipes your interested in then click on Hambone the pig on the right and he will open up the recipe page containing the ingredients, preparation, photos and a step by step streaming video of the entire process. Want to return? just hit the back button in your browser or click the navigation link back to my main BBQ page. On this main page you will find smoker recipes and related barbecue content. Check out my latest smokes in the featured smoke section below. See a recipe you like? Click on the rack of ribs located to the bottom right of each recipe. This will take you to the recipe page with preparation information, pictures and the start to end HD video of the smoke. Happy browsing my smoked meat recipes and may the "Thin Blue Smoke" be with you.



New to smoking meats or looking for out of the box ideas? You've come to the right place. I'm always researching new and different BBQ recipes, tips and techniques. I spend allot time in smoker and BBQ related forums, compiling the useful information to share with others on the journey to achieve the ultimate in smoked meats. If it can be smoked, it will and you will find it here. Nothing but great smoking, grilling & barbecue recipes. I plan on posting new smoking recipes a couple times a week as time permits.  Every recipe will have a step by step instructional video. I won't just tell you, I'll show you how I prepare and smoke meats in HD video! Get your popcorn and kick back and enjoy the show! - Smoking Meats recipes and video. How to smoke meats, fish poultry and pork. Barbecue BBQ recipe list and smoker information Traeger Texas grills

The following are featured smoked meats, BBQ recipes and grilling recipes, some of which may be recipes and or some video footage of my latest smokes. All recipes will have Peppy the Hot Jalapeno present to take you to the recipe page. Just click on Peppy and your of to great smoked barbecue. - Turkey Sausage Quesadilla recipe wood fire cooked on my Scottsdale Santa Maria style cooker. The money shot!Turkey Sausage Quesadilla

Turkey sausage quesadilla is a game day favorite of mine. Fresh sweet onion and green bell pepper sautéed in extra virgin olive oil. Turkey sausage pan fried over a wood fire. Two layers of Colby Jack cheese, sausage, onion, pepper, Pico De Gallo, seasoning and La Victoria Salsa Brava hot sauce all wrapped by low carb wrap. Cooked indirectly using a wood fire. The wrap is crispy and the insides are hot and oozing with a nice flavor only a wood fire can produce. - A complete guid to Soking meats BBQ grilling and anythig Smoker or Barbeque related. Treager owners this is your stop for recipes and video! Pork Beef poultry Lamb Fish it's all here. - Garlic Parmesan Chicken Tenders slow cooker on a Yoder YS640 Pellet cooker - Hot off the cooker.Garlic Parmesan Chicken Tenders

Simple yet delicious! Boneless chicken breast coated with a savory mixture of shredded Kraft Parmesan cheese, Johnny's Seasoning, Garlic powder, Coarse ground black pepper and sage. Slow cooked with Alder smoke until golden brown. The end result is Savory, moist, tender and delicious chicken!. - A complete guid to Soking meats BBQ grilling and anythig Smoker or Barbeque related. Treager owners this is your stop for recipes and video! Pork Beef poultry Lamb Fish it's all here. - Savory Beef Chuck Cross Rib Roast slow cooker on a Yoder YS640 Pellet cooker - The Money Shot!Savory Beef Chuck Cross Rib Roast

Great flavor doesn't always require allot of preparation. Boneless beef chuck cross rib roast seasoned with coarse sea salt, coarse ground black pepper and rosemary slow cooked using Bear Mountain Cascade Alder pellets. Basted with a savory butter sauce made up of butter, salt, pepper, rosemary and sage. End result is a super moist and savory beef roast. - A complete guid to Soking meats BBQ grilling and anythig Smoker or Barbeque related. Treager owners this is your stop for recipes and video! Pork Beef poultry Lamb Fish it's all here. - Lemon Rosemary Chicken slow cooker on a Yoder YS640 Pellet cooker - The Money Shot!Lemon Rosemary Chicken

Kick your chicken up with a lemon citrus twist. To add to we have Rosemary, Thyme, garlic, sea salt and pepper. All these flavors come together for an amazing flavor combination and a super moist bird. Easy to prepare and full of flavor. Chicken doesn't get any better. - A complete guid to Soking meats BBQ grilling and anythig Smoker or Barbeque related. Treager owners this is your stop for recipes and video! Pork Beef poultry Lamb Fish it's all here. - Country Fried Steak & Gravy recipe wood fire cooked on my Scottsdale Santa Maria style cooker. The money Shot.Country Fried Steak & Gravy

Comfort food doesn't get any better than country fried steak with a buttermilk batter. Large portions of cubed steak seasoned with Mad Hunky Hot Ass Whang (a spicy rub) then coated with flour, dredged in a buttermilk batter then into the flour again. Fried in a 15" cast iron skillet over lump charcoal. Covered in an amazing thick white gravy. This is a must try recipe! - A complete guid to Soking meats BBQ grilling and anythig Smoker or Barbeque related. Treager owners this is your stop for recipes and video! Pork Beef poultry Lamb Fish it's all here. - Beef Tri Tip Marsala Recipe - slow cooked on a Yoder YS640 Pellet smoker. - The money shot!Beef Tri Tip Marsala

Beef Tri Tip roast seasoned in pepper, salt, garlic and rosemary slow cooked with Bear Mountain Hickory pellets on the Yoder YS640. This tender cut of beef is then covered in a savory beef & mushroom Marsala wine sauce. The flavors are amazing! - A complete guid to Soking meats BBQ grilling and anythig Smoker or Barbeque related. Treager owners this is your stop for recipes and video! Pork Beef poultry Lamb Fish it's all here. - Cajun Shrimp Tacos  Cookied on the Scottsdale Santa Maria style Grill. -  The Money Shot!Cajun Shrimp Taco's

1 1/2 pounds of large shrimp Sautéed with mushrooms, green onion and fresh garlic in a Cajun butter sauce. Piled on a bed of pico de gallo on top of a soft taco shell. Cooked in a black iron skillet over a wood fire in the Scottsdale Santa Maria style Grill. - A complete guid to Soking meats BBQ grilling and anythig Smoker or Barbeque related. Treager owners this is your stop for recipes and video! Pork Beef poultry Lamb Fish it's all here.

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2 Great Tips for Beginners!


Direct Grilling using the Optional Grill Grates - See the char!


Join Me on a Tour of the Yoder Smokers Fabrication Facility


Tour the All Things BBQ store in Wichita KS.


Motor City BBQ Sauce 

Motor City BBQ Sauces

Folks, if you are looking for a BBQ sauce that breaks the BBQ Sauce mold look no further. Motor City BBQ has currently 4 sauce flavors in it's line up that range from no heat (Original) to what the average person would consider smoking hot (Trintiy). You chili heads will find their hottest sauce Trinity as well as the Scorpion sauce to have a nice kick of heat.  These sauces are great for dipping or used in cooking. I love the Scorpion sauce on whole smoked chicken and the Trinity is great on wings. Holy Smoke is a nice fit for burgers and smokes sausage. The kids that don't go for the heat love the Original and the Holy Smoke. Motor City BBQ has a sauce for everyone. Give them a try and tell them Rob from sent you. You will experience great customer service and fast shipping. Enjoy!

Motor City BBQ sauce line-up - Original, Holy SMoke, Scorpion and Trinity.

Mad Hunky Meats Rub & Poultry Brine

Exciting news! Mad Hunky products are now available at All things BBQ! Visit and get your Mad Hunky products at a low price today.

Read my Rub & Brine review on Mad Hunky Meats Rub & Poultry Brine and find out why I believe I'm now a hard core brining guy when it comes to poultry!

Open the package of this poultry brine and the smell will take you back to your mom's kitchen as the Thanksgiving Dinner is being cooked. The flavor and smell is wonderful. The cost and ease of use is amazing!

The Stall - Myth busted!

We all experience the stall when slow cooking large cuts of meat. For folks new to slow cooking this can be a horrific experience as they crank up their cookers, check their Thermometers etc. We have heard many explanations as to why but now a physics guru explains why. This is a great read and I highly recommend it to all. Full Artical.

I have been planning some big additions to my site and media presentations. Here's what is coming soon!

We are now cooking on both a Yoder Pellet cooker as well as a Yoder Wichita.
Check it out!

Note to all:  Got something in mind you want covered or answered? E-Mail me with details on what it is and I will either answer it in my next live stream or host a live stream dedicated to covering the subject. This is a great opportunity for folks new to smoking to get answers and demos live! You can also ask the questions via chat window. Get registered at Ustream.TV for free! Podcasts are now available via ITunes Store. videos are now available via ITunes Store Podcast. From your PC or Apple device just open the ITunes store and search the podcasts for "smokingpit" then click down load. All Podcasts are FREE! Guy's if you get stuck waiting on a bench in the mall waiting for your lady, your saved! Watch some BBQ video to pass the time.



My 2013 Smoked Turkey Recipe

Brine your Turkey in Mad Hunky poultry brine for 12 – 14  hours. You can reduce the amount of brine used by brining in a Ziploc XX-Large storage bag and squeezing the air out and zip sealing it. Once brined, rinse and pat dry with paper towels. In a mixing Bowl combine 1 stick unsalted butter, 4 twigs of Rosemary peeled and chopped. ½ tsp Thyme, 4 cloves garlic chopped and a little pepper. Whip it up into a whipped butter. Lift the skin of the bird and pierce the membrane under the skin with your finger so you can work the butter mixture under the skin. Work it all the way down to the legs etc. On the outer skin apply a light coating of extra virgin olive oil. Apply some coarse ground black pepper and liberally coat with Mrs. Dash Garlic & Herb seasoning. Smoke @ 260 degrees until the internal temp reaches 170 degrees. Cook time is about 30 minutes per pound. I recommend 12 to 14 lbs. birds and doing two.  Do not mist the outside of the bird. This will ensure the skin crisps up from the heat and oil.

The final product! Both turkeys were amazing to say the least.


Happy Thanksgiving folks!  

How long to smoke a Turkey? - How to smoke a Thanksgiving turkey. how long to smoke it and when to carve it! Wood fire smoked Turkey doesn't get any better.Safety first - I recommend turkeys smaller the 12 pounds when cooking at 225-250 so they reach 140 degrees within 4 hours. If you need more smoke two or three. We all love the leftovers right? If you do smoke a larger bird you may consider doing so at 350 degrees or increasing to 350 after 2 hours. For the same reason, avoid stuffing the turkey as it will slow the time it take to reach 140. Another reason to avoid stuffing is more smoke can penetrate.

Cook Time - I like to smoke the turkey at a low temperature, between 225 and 250 degrees preferably 230 degrees. At this temperature the turkey should need at least 30 minutes per pound. Do the math and a 12 lbs. bird will take a minimum of 6 hours so plan ahead. This is another reason I like doing smaller Turkeys but two or three of them.

Always measure a Turkeys doneness using a meat thermometer. I use a Maverick ET-73 with a remote display that sits in my house. Very handy and this way I don't have to keep opening the smoker door to check. Check the temperature in the thickest part of the thigh and breast. The turkey is done when both readings are 165 degrees or higher. I prefer a breast temperature of 168 degrees. Once you have removed the Turkey from the smoker, let it stand for 15 minutes as it will continue to cook and the juices will redistribute. This should make for a flavorful and juicy bird like no other.

Tell me what you think...

I'm always interested in what you think of this site and content within. Or what's smoking in your smoker. Share your recipes that's makes your smoking a great success. Send me an email and I will post your comments on my comments page.

Description: cid:image001.png@01CB3EE0.3D1D2DF0

The Yoder - Yoders YS640 competition grade wood pellet fired smoker & grill - Read full review with HD video!
Click Image to see larger Image.

Well folks I have been cooking on Yoder Smokers YS640 pellet smoker & grill for well over two years now. I cook on this thing several time a week and some times more. The YS640 has been a cooking machine to say the least, I have not had a bad cook yet. Temps are very consistent and you have got to love a cooker that will run like it has an auto pilot. If you have watched my videos you will see I have taken on most types of cooking.

  • Smoking (low temp Jerky)
  • Slow Smoking (BBQ)
  • High Temp Grilling
  • Griddle Cooking
  • Cast Iron Wok Cooking
  • Cast Iron Skillet
  • Baking (Deserts to Pizza)

This cooker does it all. Best of all the YS640 is extremely rugged. A cooker you can count on!

ATBBQ - Contact Information
Full Review with HD Video

Recommended Dealers

All Things BBQ - Yoder Smokers Precision Heating & Quality Build - Allthings BBQ Yoder Smokers & Grills. Wichita Kingman Cheyenne Durango Abilene When it comes to precision heating and quality build, I suggest you look around and  then take a good look at Yoder smokers. Don Cary is the owner of All Things BBQ and the builder of Yoder Smokers. Recently I have had the pleasure of working with Don and his team. Not only was I impressed with their drive to ensure customer satisfaction but they are deeply committed to building the highest quality smokers and yet affordable. It doesn't matter where you live in the US. All Things BBQ is postured to provide the best pricing & shipping and will have your new smoker on your deck in no time. I had a 400 lbs. Whole Hog cooker in my drive way in about 6 days! I have since received a Yoder YS640 and couldn't be happier with the quality of the product and the service. Don't let distance deter you from purchasing quality products. Give them a call and see for yourself. These are attributes that are slowly slipping away these days. And just look at this smoker to the left. It would look damn good on your patio now wouldn't it? Speaking of quality, how about their 10 year burnout warranty on pellet smokers bodies? You don't see a warranty like this too often these days. 

Gas Grills, backyard smokers, Competition and New Pellet Smokers! - All Things BBQ is the Yoder manufacturer and dealer. Also provides Louisiana Country Smokers, Weber and Ducane grills, wood, Charcoal, gas and pellet smokers and grills!

Don Cary
owner - operator
All Things BBQ
615 W. Douglas
Wichita, KS 67213
If your looking for anything from gas grills, back yard smokers to full on competition or catering rigs,  All Things BBQ has it! Not only do they have it but some of the best prices I have seen. All Things BBQ is owned and operated by Don Cary and they are located in Wichita Kansas. If your looking for a great deal on a smoker or grill check out their Yoder line. I have a buddy who cooks on a Yoder stick burner and swears by them.   I personally have been cooking for over a month on the new Yoder YS640 wood pellet fired pit. I have over 20 smokes on it and just love the thing. Read my full review with HD videos. Give All Things BBQ a call or email and tell them Rob from sent you. -All Things Barbecue - Yoder Smoker dealer & builder. Louisiana Pellet grill smokers, Ducane and Weber grills.

See their line up!

Watch my new how to Cold smoke video!

Watch the end to end process in HD video and pick up some tips on cold smoke generators, food preparation and cold smoking in general. Learn how to produce high quality smoked deli turkey, cheese and nuts within 4 hours. My how to cold smoke demo

What is the Smoke Ring and Why Is It There!

How to Get That Coveted Pink Ring With Your Cooking
by Joe Cordray

Slow cooked barbecue meats often exhibit a pink ring around the outside edge of the product.
This pink ring may range from 1/8 inch to 1/2 inch thick. In beef the ring is a reddish-pink and in pork, chicken and turkey it is bright pink. This pink ring is often referred to as a "smoke ring" and is considered a prized attribute in many barbecue meats, especially barbecue beef briskets. Barbecue connoisseurs feel the presence of a smoke ring indicates the item was slow smoked for a long period of time. Occasionally consumers have mistakenly felt that the pink color of the smoke ring meant the meat was undercooked. To understand smoke ring formation you must first understand muscle pigment. Read Article




Cast Iron Cookware Care

Learn how to properly season and care for your cast iron cookware. This easy to follow information will extend the life of your cast iron cookware as well as improve its performance. Read Article

Spicing it up with seasonings, spices and rubs found healthier
by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 2010!

Results: Rosmarinic acid from oregano was monitored to assess the effect of cooking on spice antioxidant content. Forty percent (19 mg) of the added rosmarinic acid remained in the spiced burger (SB) after cooking. There was a 71% reduction in the malondialdehyde concentration (mean 6 SD: 0.52 6 0.02 lmol/250 g) in the meat of the SBs compared with the malondialdehyde concentration (1.79 6 0.17 lmol/250 g) in the meat of the control burgers (CBs).
Read Article - A-MAZING-SMOKER Stainless steel cold smoke generator for smoking meats and cheese.

The A-MAZE-N-SMOKER - Read my Product Review

Every now and then I run across a new product or design that is so simple it's amazing. If you have not tried cold smoking or doing so with this product I highly recommend it.


See what's smoking at is all about sharing BBQ recipes, grilling recipes, tips, tricks and techniques to preparing great smoked meats and barbecue! There is nothing difficult about smoking meats. Smoking meats can easily produce amazing results with proper temperature (230 degrees), thin blue smoke and a good combination of rubs, spices and wood. All the information you need to start smoking meats is within this site. Good luck and may the thin blue smoke be with you. - Smoking Meats recipes and video. How to smoke meats, fish poultry and pork. Barbecue BBQ recipe list and smoker information Traeger Texas grills

Email - Rob

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Catering, Competition or backyard barbecue... All Things BBQ has the best service, prices and a mission to provide customer satisfaction like no other I have encountered bar none. I highly reccomend All things BBQ!

Yoder smokers are available in Washington state

Bear Mountain BBQ Pellets

Save on all Bags, Rolls, & Vacuum Sealing Equipment
Tacoma, Washington - United States (USA)

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